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Monday, 8 March 2010

Far-right party Jobbik makes gains in Hungary

With just over a month before general elections in Hungary, popular interest in taking part in the vote is on the rise. The far-right Jobbik party seems to be profiting the most, according to the latest Median poll, although the conservative opposition party, Fidesz, remains favorite to form the next government after eight years of Socialist rule.

Fresh results of a Median poll commissioned by the HVG weekly show that, some 40 days before the April ballot, the intention to vote has climbed seven points to 58 percent.
Four years ago, the figure stood at 52 percent at this point in time although participation in the actual elections rose to 67.8 percent.
Around 8 million of Hungary's 10 million inhabitants are eligible to cast their vote. The increase in interest was strongest (plus 10 points) among citizens under the age of 30, according to the Median survey, which was based on a 2,400-strong sample.
Experts say this could explain Jobbik's two-point increase. Overall, the radical right-wingers came third in the poll, with nine percent pledging their support. Fidesz' popularity and that of the ruling Socialist MSZP were almost stable at 44 and 14 percent respectively.
Among the under 40-year olds, Jobbik is now the second strongest party, ahead of the Socialists. In addition to the three parties practically assured of clearing the five per cent hurdle, two smaller groupings are struggling to make the cut.
The centre-right MDF has been in parliament since 1990, the greenish LMP was only founded before last summer's European elections. Their hopes rest with the large number of still undecided voters.
The Median survey was carried out in two installments in February