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Monday, 8 March 2010

Extremist party wants international observers at Czech elections

The far-right Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS) wants international observers to monitors the Czech general elections due in May, its election leader Tomas Vandas said after a DSSS regional meeting Saturday.

The DSSS is a party to which the members of the extremist Workers' Party (DS) have been moving since the recent court decision on the DS's dissolution.

Vandas said previously that he expected some 90 percent of the nearly 1000 DS members to join the DSSS.

The DSSS has the same address as the dissolved DS. Since December 2006 its official head has been Hana Pavlickova, mother of Vandas who is the leader of the dissolved Workers' Party.

Vandas said the DSSS plans to demand international observers at the elections in the next weeks after the party decides on its candidates.

"We logically believe that we cannot trust the current bodies in the Czech Republic and we will be therefore happy to have also international observers monitoring the elections," Vandas said.

He said he was concerned about possible discarding of ballots.
The Workers' Party won 1.07 percent of the vote in the EU polls. Though it did not get a seat in the European Parliament, this support made it eligible for a state subsidy of 760,000 crowns.

The Supreme Administrative Court dealt with the case based on the proposal of the government.

In its verdict issued on February 17 it concluded that the DS's programme, ideas and symbols contain the elements of xenophobia, chauvinism, homophobia and a racist subtext, and follow up national socialism, the ideology connected with Adolf Hitler.
The Workers' Party plans to file a complaint against the verdict with the Constitutional Court