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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hate crimes have rocketed by almost 300% in Derry, the latest PSNI figures reveal. Foyle MP Mark Durkan last night said the shock statistics - contained in the PSNI's Hate Incidents and Crimes Quarterly Update - were deeply worrying. The PSNI figures show alarming rises in the number of incidents motivated by sectarian, racist or homophobic prejudice, with 20 incidents reported to police each week in the city. Mr Durkan said hate crimes "run against every good instinct of the people of Derry" and commended the PSNI for making good progress in encouraging victims to come forward. " It is essential that those efforts are maintained and stepped up in light of these figures. I will certainly be raising these matters with the local District Commander," he said. The figures show a total of 123 incidents were reported between April and September of last year, compared to only 45 incidents in the same period in 2008. Of those incidents 90 were reported as sectarian, 23 as racially motivated and ten as being of a homophobic nature. Compared to the same period in 2008, racially motivated incidents have soared by a massive 187%, sectarian incidents by 173% and homophobic incidents have increased by 150%. Mr Durkan said it was vital people learned to "respect and value difference and diversity." "These statistics should focus us on the need for progress on a shared future for everyone which attracts real government actions and interventions. This whole area must also be a priority for the new Justice Minister once he or she assumes office."

Meanwhile police in Derry have called for increased community support in tackling hate crimes. A spokeswoman for the police in Derry said the PSNI take hate crimes "very seriously". "We are committed to doing everything in our power to prevent them occurring and when they do occur bringing those responsible before the courts. However police cannot work in isolation and we need the support of the community to help stamp out hate crime and show our children that tolerance and understanding is the only way forward," she said.

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