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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Police are urging football fans to help kick out homophobia from the game as part of LGBT History Month this February. The Justin Campaign, named after the only out gay footballer, Justin Fashanu, has announced an international day against homophobia in football will be held today. Organisers' want to raise awareness of the problem in the sport and police are supporting the campaign and hope it will encourage victims of hate crime to come forward. Police are also seeking the support of football clubs to include anti-homophobia messages in their programmes to help to raise awareness about the issue. Research by Stonewall last year found most fans had heard homophobic abuse at games. Darren Ollerton, campaign director, said: "Every year on February 19th the campaign will celebrate the day by following Justin Fashanu's career throughout the years and engaging with each team and their community along the way. "Let's hope when the campaign reaches the end of the timeline we will have witnessed some much-needed change in the way gay and bi men in professional and amateur football are perceived and treated." Insp. Sue Bushell from Lancashire Constabulary's Community Cohesion and Diversity Unit said: "It's important to have one day out of each year when clubs and supporters are able to unite in opposing hate and intolerance in their national sport. "Unfortunately, not everyone we come into contact with shares our views, values and beliefs. However, some people take this to the extreme and cause a lot of distress as a result. This kind of activity could be classed by the Constabulary as a hate incident or hate crime and we will not tolerate it. "Anyone can be a victim of hate crime and unfortunately, if it isn't reported it can go on for some time.
"We appreciate that reporting these types of incidents and crimes isn't easy which is why we have dedicated officers in place to help you, including specialist Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers in every divisional area to assist with any incidents that are reported to the police that have a homophobic nature."
The Burnley Express