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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is to be freed from prison on March 1, after serving out his five-year sentence, according to an Internet message from his wife. Zundel, 69, was jailed in Germany for five years in 2007 for inciting racial hatred. He was extradited in 2005 from Canada, where he had lived for decades. Two years spent behind bars before his trial were counted as part of his sentence. A website devoted to Zundel now carries a message from his wife Ingrid Zundel, which says he is scheduled to be released from prison. Ernst Zundel repeatedly denied key historical facts of the Holocaust, penning a book titled The Hitler We Loved and Why, describing the Nazi leader as a "man of peace" and helping to disseminate a range of anti-Semitic literature. Denying that the Holocaust took place, or questioning key elements such as that six million Jews died, is illegal in Germany and Austria. Renegade British bishop Richard Williamson, meanwhile, is due to face trial in Germany on April 16 after refusing to pay a fine for saying that "not one Jew" was killed in the gas chambers.

The Associated Press