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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

White supremacist group pushes race-hate messages in Torquay (Australia)

A white supremacist group has been pushing anti-immigration and race-hate messages on the Surf Coast.

The Creativity Movement touts itself as "the most anti-Christian church in the world", with movement members believing that the white race is their religion.

Public property in Torquay town centre has been defaced with stickers reading: "White Power! White People Awake. Save the White Race."

The group's national leader, Patrick O'Sullivan, claimed he did not know who put the stickers up, but argued it was the group's right to do so.

"Torquay's a white area, the majority of locals there are white and we'd like to see it remain a white area," he said. "The stickers are there to raise awareness and get the message out.

"Parts of Melbourne have been taken over by non-whites, which has led to white people moving to other areas, so we believe something has to be done to protect the white race."

Mr O'Sullivan refused to disclose the group's member numbers, but confirmed fielding interest from Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula locals.

Diversitat chief executive Michael Martinez expressed his disappointment in the group's beliefs, emphasising that they were a small but vocal minority.

"We had this issue about 12 months ago, it's a tiny minority who have nothing better to do," he said.

"There's very little we can do about it, ignoring them is probably the best thing."

The Creativity Movement also risks a fine of up to $239 from the Surf Coast Shire, which is looking into the matter.

"The EPA Act prohibits the depositing of unwanted advertising material and affixing a document without consent," said a council spokesperson yesterday.

Mr O'Sullivan was defiant, defending the racist message and accusing council of having an anti-white agenda.

"I couldn't really care about what council has to say," he said.

"The council should be more worried about fixing up footpaths or whatever, instead of going on a petty political witchhunt. They obviously have an anti-white agenda."

Geelong Advertiser