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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Battle to beat hate crime in Peterborough (UK)

A campaign has been launched to help protect residents facing a gauntlet of abuse and misery in Peterborough hate crime hotspot areas.

Residents living in Dogsthorpe and Welland will be visited by a specially converted “Street Bus” aimed at raising awareness and urging victims in those areas to report intimidating threats and abuse,

The move by Cross Keys Homes together with SaferPeterborough partnership was sparked after 10 hate crimes, ranging from sinister and offensive graffiti to actual assault, were mapped by police and found to take place within just a few streets.

Cross Keys Homes’ director of operations, Claire Higgins, said: “We are targeting Dogsthorpe and Welland as Dogsthorpe, in particular, has been a hotpsot area for us with 10 incidents of hate crime being reported between April 2009 and July 2010 alone.

“We believe that there are more occurrences of hate crime in these areas but that people may be nervous about reporting it and are also maybe unsure as to how to do so.

“We therefore are hoping that our campaign will raise awareness of how we can tackle this extremely unpleasant crime in our communities and importantly enable us to tackle the perpetrators.”

The Street Bus will be visiting certain locations in Dogsthorpe and Welland on Thursday, May 12, from 11.15am to 4.45pm.

Residents will be encouraged to fill out a questionnaire, speak to staff about hate crime and also get the chance to meet soap star and spina bifida sufferer David Proud, who played Adam Best in EastEnders.

There will also be free activities, competitions and giveaways on the day.

Cross Keys Homes’ anti-social behaviour manager, Gemma Wood, added: “Hate crime has been a particular issue in these two areas and we have been working over the past six months with SaferPeterborough partnership to build on the good work already going on in the city and respond to local issues in Dogsthorpe and Welland.

“We aim to raise awareness of hate crime and how people can report it so that residents are able to stand up to those that single people out in our community and make their lives a misery.”

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