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Monday, 4 April 2011

New 'White Pride' in Chillicothe (USA)

American Nationalist Socialist Party has operated out of home since November

Racial tension could be thrust into the spotlight locally during the next year as a self-described "white pride" group looks to bring its message to town.

Chillicothe resident Paul Mullet, 37, is the "reichsf├╝hrer" of the American National Socialist Party and has operated the group from his home since creating it in November 2010. Mullet started the group after having a disagreement with Aryan Nations 88 -- the group he created in 2009 -- which he also led for several months from Chillicothe.

"The group's mission is to be able to bring about White Heritage Month and be able to open up the eyes of everybody and let people see how much the white race is being written out of history," Mullet said.

In the past 13 months since the Columbus-area native moved to Chillicothe from Idaho, Mullet has not conducted any group activities locally because he thinks he would be targeted. The one thing he said the group did was collect and donate boxes of school supplies, but they didn't divulge their identity out of concern their donation would have been rejected.

"We do not do acts of violence," he said. "We do not do terrorist acts, and if any member is caught doing anything like that, I will be the first one on the media to say, 'Yes, this person was a member of the organization and he has been banned because he did this. This is not what we stand for. This is not the way we are going to accomplish our goals and that's all there is to it.' It will not be tolerated."

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