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Monday, 4 April 2011

Hammers fans accused of racially abusing own players' relatives (UK)

Families of two West Ham players claim they were victims of racist abuse - from their own fans.

West Ham are investigating after guests of strikers Victor Obinna and Freddie Piquionne were involved in a row with fans during Saturday’s defeat to Manchester United.

Angry relatives of Obinna confronted supporters in the Main Stand after they and guests of Nigerian frontman Obinna were abused.

The families were sitting in a box behind fans watching the game when they claim a small section began hurling racist abuse at them.

An altercation is understood to have taken place after at least one family member left the box to go downstairs and confront fans.

A source said: “Some of the stuff they said was disgusting. You just don’t expect to hear that from people supporting your own team.

“These were families of the players who didn’t do anything to deserve that. It’s a disgrace.”

The families are believed to have declined the opportunity to speak to police but a formal complaint is now being considered.

A West Ham spokesman said: "We take these allegations very seriously and are looking into them. If there is found to be any wrongdoing, then we will take appropriate action."

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