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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Russia: Four Neo-Nazi skinheads sentenced for up to 22 years in prison for homicide and bombing at Moscow’s markets

On the 3 of March, the Moscow city court has sentenced four neo-Nazi skinheads to heavy terms in prison upon charges of homicide and bombing in Moscow, reported by Gazeta.ru.

It follows from the verdict that the Nazi gang led by 23-year old Anton Vasiliyev, who graduated from a vocational-technical school, has committed its crimes since August 2008 and until January 2009. Initially, Vasiliyev and Polyakov, his associate, would stage explosions at municipal markets using pipe bombs made up of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, staffed with nuts and bolts. In just one episode, no one has been killed or injured, when a “Grilled chicken” stand was set on fire next to the “Petrovskiy-Razumovskiy” metro station. Three subsequent blasts, staged at “Petrovskiy-Razumovskiy”, “Lianozovskiy” and “Tushinskiy” markets have affected at least 10 people, including one child.

The oldest of the convicts, Anton Vasiliyev, has been sentenced to 22 years in the highest security prison, while his associates, Konstantin Kucher, Andrey Gordeev and Vladislav Polyakov would serve 9 to 13 years. In addition, the criminals will have to compensate some 1,1 mln roubles to the victims. The investigation has found that on top of the four blasts, the convicts have, in the period between December 26, 2008 and January 19, 2009, committed 4 murders and 11 attempts of homicide against persons who did not look Russian, as well as 3 robberies. In particular, Vasiliyev, Gordeev and Kucher were found guilty of murdering nationals of Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan and Cameroon, and 7 attempts of murder, against, inter alia, nationals of China and Korea. Besides, Vasiliyev and Gordeev were charged with another three murder attempts, including against citizens of Capo-Verde and Gabon. None of the convicts however has pleaded guilty. “We’ve attacked those people in order to force them out from Moscow” – one of them, Kucher, said in the court.

On the 3rd of January, 2009, he threw some “half a glass” of gasoline at two Korean women in the Moscow street named after academician Volgin. Meanwhile, Vasiliyev set them on fire and Gordeev was filming them on a video camera. “We did not think that much gasoline would kill them. Besides, they were fully dressed for winter.” – he confessed in the court.

Another victim, a passerby named Jambarov, was stabbed 22 times by Vasiliyev and Kucher next to the “Tulskaya” metro station, according to the convict’s assurances: “not too hard.”

According to the “Sova” informational analytical center, these Nazis belong to the ultra-nationalistic group “Autonomous Slavonic Resistance”. In February 2011, a jury at the Moscow city court has found them not guilty of a string of murders and partially guilty of staging a series of blasts in Moscow and racist assaults.