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Sunday, 6 March 2011

The BNP's Nazi link exposed once again in a easy to follow dummies blog post (UK)

Ok, let's keep this simple so the fascists can follow it.

Last night in Swansea, South Wales, Nick Griffin leader of the BNP held a meeting with fellow patriots to discuss their campaign to get representatives of their party into the Welsh Assembly.

One of the adoring fascist groupies present at the time was Bryan Powell.

And here he is proudly standing with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

And here's Mr Powell relaxing at home. 

Obviously this will be an embarisment to the BNP and especially Nick Griffin because nobody could have know about this, or could they?

Well that's not true as Mr Powell's Neo-Nazism has been known for some time.

And as EDL are quite happy to ignore it, we should also expect the BNP to do exactly the same thing. 

C'mon Mr Griffin, click your heels together three times and make a wish that when you claim its all lies people will believe you this time.