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Monday, 7 March 2011

Nick Griffin and the Nazi flag dilemma. It's BNP Facepalm time again! (UK)

Yesterday on this blog we posted an item about Nick Griffin meeting with Welsh Neo-Nazi Bryan Powell in Swansea on Saturday the 5th of March.

Really un-surprisingly the reality avoidance “We Adore Griffin” denial chumps aka the Nationalist PRATriots have claimed that the photo below of Brian at home in front of the Nazi flag is fake because (get this) the flag is the wrong way round.

Now this is coming from people that “KNOW” which way the Nazi flag should be hung so we should really respect their opinion.

Um, no we don't respect their opinion, basically on anything. 

The image in question has been on-line for ages, and it is very, VERY well known that the Welsh Defence League (WDL) members in Swansea were Neo-Nazis. 

Sorry I should say “Are Neo-Nazi’s”, as the Welsh Defence League has disbanded due to (don’t’ laugh) racist infiltration. This huge post could be a hint as to what inazifiltration could be responsible for that.

Anyway here’s another image of Brian doing his Nazi grove thang. No it’s not fake.

Nor are they doing a white supremacist version of the Saturday Night Fever dance.

And here’s a video with a number of images of Brian and some of his Neo-Nazi chums doing their Nuzi best to be proud PRATriots. He's is quite easy to spot.

Finally a documentary made by BBC Wales that exposes the Neo-nazi’s in the WDL that Brian was a part of. (Although the fash will claim that its probably a iluminati lefty conspiracy  made up thingy with actors and Pixar animation.)

I would like to post that this is guaranteed to clear up the ludicrous claims that it’s all fake and lies and does prove that Nick Griffin did spend Saturday night in the company of a Neo-Nazi.

But I doubt it.

It’s much easier for them dance merrily off into fantasy land of ignorance and delusions than except that this is true.