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Friday, 18 March 2011

Dream home turns into racist nightmare as English woman is forced into selling up (UK)

An english mother has claimed racist yobs are forcing her out of her dream home in a tiny Scottish village.
June Broadhurst, 65, was horrified when vandals daubed "go home" in red spray paint all over her white-washed house.

She also had rocks thrown at the property and claims to have been abused and threatened in the street. Now she's had enough and is putting her home, in Findochty, Moray, up for sale.

"The only option left to me is to leave. It's shocking but it's been made obvious that I am no longer welcome here," she said.

Mother-of-two June was married to a Scotsman, Alex, and they lived in Manchester. They often talked about starting a new life together in Scotland, but he died in 1996 before they got the chance.

However, Ms Broadhurst decided a move north would be ideal and the sea air in Findochty, which sits on the Moray coast, might help her osteoarthritis.

She bought a house on the same street as a friend, but he passed away before she moved in. June found herself at the centre of disputes with neighbours and Aberdeenshire Council over right of way wrangles and an extension that bordered her property.

But she believes at the heart of all her problems is that fact that she's not Scottish.