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Friday, 18 March 2011

Canadian Forces member probed for alleged white pride activities

Canada’s military police are investigating allegations a Canadian Forces member — reportedly a 17-year-old Winnipeg male youth — is involved with white pride activities.

Capt. Karina Holder, public affairs officer with the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal, confirmed Thursday that military police are probing allegations of alleged racist ties, which she said are unacceptable to the Canadian military.

“We have very strict policies on racist attitudes and behaviours because they run so contrary to our ethos,” Holder said. “The regulations are very clear that such attitudes are not tolerated.”

A Calgary newspaper that interviewed the accused teen identified him as a 17-year-old reservist from Winnipeg, but Holder would not confirm his age, location, or whether he is a member of the regular or reserve force.

“All I can say is the member does not have a long service record in the force,” she said.

Holder couldn’t say whether he has been suspended during the investigation or had his duties changed as a result. She did confirm military police were alerted Wednesday to allegations of a connection to white pride activists.

“We were forwarded certain information that a Canadian Forces member was involved in certain groups and we’re investigating to see whether that’s true or not,” Holder said, confirming that part of the allegation is that the accused was set to travel to a white pride rally in Calgary this weekend. “We were made aware of that. We’re not sure whether there’s any (factual) base to it or not.”

The teen in question told the Calgary Herald he does not believe in white supremacy and said although he had plans to travel to the rally, he cancelled them weeks ago.

The paper reported he had previously posted quotes from Hitler on his Facebook page and also posted comments on a white power website, but the boy told the Herald he has since “matured.”

Winnipeg Sun