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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Such a contrast between the two groups (UK)

The events in Leicester on Saturday afternoon demonstrated the complete contrast between supporters of the EDL and Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

The EDL attacked the police, journalists and local people with bottles, cans, coins, smoke and stun grenades. They broke a window at the Market Tavern where the police had arranged for them to drink. They also threw missiles and broke a second floor window of the International Arts Centre on Humberstone Gate.

This was after they had stopped off in Market Harborough and intimidated local people on their way to Leicester.

In contrast, UAF organised a peaceful and good-natured protest against the presence of the EDL in Leicester. The rally was addressed by three local councillors, representatives from the Muslim community, the Indian Workers' Association, local Kurdish people and a number of local trade unionists.

As the afternoon progressed entertainment was provided by a number of local bands and the Red Choir. People were free to join the UAF rally on Humberstone Gate, almost all the time (except when an occasional EDL supporter tried to provoke the gathering). Many people dropped by for a few minutes or longer to show their support and others left for a coffee or bite to eat only to return later. So more people attended the UAF rally than were there at any one time.

The Unite Against Fascism rally was organised and supported by local people who ensured all who attended had a peaceful and enjoyable afternoon.

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