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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Residents' disgust at Far Right meeting (UK)

Residents have expressed their disgust after a Far Right group held a secret meeting in a Royston pub.

More than 30 people, claiming to be from the white power group The British Movement, met at The North Star in Kneesworth Street on Saturday evening before handing out leaflets and plastering lampposts and town notice boards with stickers showing their emblem.

Officers from Royston police force were alerted to the gathering and visited the group shortly after it arrived.

Pub manager Dave Thake said he was “deeply shocked” and that the room had been booked by a regular customer for “a party.”

He said: “If I had known who they were beforehand I would never have allowed it.

“A regular customer asked me if he could book the room for a party, so I said yes.

“I am deeply shocked.”

A Royston resident, who did not wish to be named, said he had talked to members of the group as they distributed flyers.

He said: “They were putting up stickers with racist slogans on them.

“I couldn’t believe that a small town like Royston had attracted people like that, it is disgraceful and I was disgusted.”

A spokeswoman from North Herts Police said: “Officers from Royston Neighbourhood Team as a matter of course checked on the meeting as part of their routine patrols. It was a peaceful meeting and no offences were committed.”

MP Oliver Heald added: “I would be very upset to hear that rightwing groups are meeting in Royston. We have always been a very friendly and welcoming town.”

Herefordshire Mercury