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Monday, 11 October 2010

Oz to take action against 15 more police officers over Indian racism scam (Australia)

After sacking four officers and demoting one, the Australian authorites are all set to take action against 15 more Victorian police officers after a hearing for circulating racist email targeting Indians, in order to avoid a diplomatic row with New Delhi.

Fifteen more Victorian police officers are set to face hearings over racist and pornographic emails, including one at the centre of a diplomatic row showing the electrocution of an Indian man.

On Monday, Victoria Police said another fifteen officers would face hearings this month.

Nine will face hearings this week on Tuesday and Friday and six will face hearings next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Stuff.co.nz reports.

Victoria Police has continually denounced the emails as being offensive, extreme, violent and intolerable after they were discovered and an investigation launched early this year.

After August hearings into the scandal and heeding to India's demands of strict action against Victorian Police officers involved in curculating a racist email video, the Australian authorities had sacked four officers and demoted one.

Another five Victoria Police officers have been fined up to 3000 dollars and placed on 12 month good behaviour bonds for taking part in the circulation of the unsavoury material.

After a series of attacks on Indian students in Australia, a racist e-mail scandal broke out showing Victoria Police officers joking about a video, which shows an Indian passenger on the roof of a train getting electrocuted as he touches the high-tension wires.

According to the Herald Sun, the police officers have been implicated for circulating a video of an Indian man getting electrocuted while sitting on top of a train and joking that it could be a way to fix Melbourne's Indian student problem. (ANI)