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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Members of the nationalist organisation National Popular Front (ELAM) marched through the streets of Nicosia yesterday enraged by recent comments made by President Demetris Christofias who called Greece an invading force in Cyprus. About 100 ELAM Members dressed in black t-shirts and holding Greek flags met at the parking lot behind Honda in Nicosia.

There, an individual who appeared to be one of the leaders of ELAM explained to the members that they should not get involved any fights and if things did get out of hand the ELAM “Death Squad” would protect them. The death squad consisted of about 12 well built men who led the march and started the chants in view of a small police presence. After politely enquiring who I was, acquiring my mobile phone number, and going through my phone to be sure I wasn’t taking pictures of them they agreed to let me follow them from a safe distance. At about 7:30pm the men marched towards the presidential palace holding banners which said “Respect the dead Greek soldiers” among the chants they sang were “EOKA come back to the Cypriot mountains” and “Cyprus is Greek.”

Once at “Anthropinon Dikaiomaton” square and opposite the presidential palace, Fotis Papafotis an EOKA and EOKA B stalwart who lost a hand fighting the British addressed the group. “My co-fighters I am crying because I look upon you and think of the struggle we are fighting against the traitors. The English occupation is still here, those that live and have lived in the dungeon opposite us (the presidential palace are responsible for that” Papafotis bellowed “those wretched people are the Sri Lankans of the British”. Papafotis went on to say that Christofias was just a pawn and that Makarios was the one that first called Greece an invading force.

After about an hour the ELAM members marched back and quietly dispersed without causing any trouble.

Cyprus Mail