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Monday, 4 October 2010

Family Claims Noose Found In Front Yard (USA)

A family is afraid to let its children play outside after finding what they believe to be a noose in the front yard of their home.

Jerry and Tawanna Youree said they discovered the rope hanging from a tree Thursday, 6News' Tanya Spencer reported. "Yesterday, when I came home, I noticed it hanging from the tree," Jerry Youree said. "That sounds like a racial hate crime, and if that's true, I've got little ones."

The Youree family moved into the home about three weeks ago and said Friday's discovery wasn't the first sign that they aren't welcomed by some. Tawanna Youree said people who are driving by the home have yelled racial slurs at her and her children and that the children were called names at a park nearby. "They yell, 'White power,' calling them (n-word) and monkeys and things like that, and it's scary. You know, it's real scary," she said. "My son, right now he's scared to go walk the dog, because he's getting racial slurs and people running up to him talking about white power, you need to move out of the neighborhood. It's really sad, grown men." Though new to the neighborhood, the Yourees have lived in Noblesville for four years. Their children are involved in sports, and they want to stay in the community. "They shouldn't be able to run me out of Noblesville. I love it here. We have rights," Tawanna Youree said. "This is a good place to raise kids, and this is where I want to stay." The Yourees said they called Noblesville police Friday, but that an officer didn't take a report, saying that it was clear to him that the rope was part of an old swing that may have recently blown down.

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