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Monday, 4 October 2010

Elections Committee says public radio's modifying Jobbik ad unlawful (Hungary)

The National Elections Committee said on Sunday that Hungarian public radio MR acted unlawfully when it added comments to a political ad of radical nationalist party Jobbik. A complaint had been submitted on behalf of Jobbik stating that the radio violated the principle of equality of the political parties during an election and rules on elections procedures when it broadcasted an opinion and comment before airing a controversial Jobbik ad. MR and public television MTV had previously refused to air Jobbik ads which contained the expression "Gypsy crime" but Hungary's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the public media were obliged to broadcast the Jobbik party's ads. As a result, MR broadcast the ad but added its own comments to it. MR explained that they had previously refused to air the ad because "some of its statements violated constitutional principles," but since the National Elections Committee and the Supreme Court ruled that they were obliged to air the ad, MR had no other choice but to respect the court decision. According to the complaint, MR broadcast this comment before and after the Jobbik ad.

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