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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Police admit ‘kettling’ on protest day (Wales, UK)

Police have admitted using a controversial containment tactic known as “kettling” during a demonstration by anti-fascist protesters against the English Defence League.

The disclosure by South Wales Police was made to Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood after she complained that the force publicly denied detaining Unite Against Fascism supporters in Cardiff city centre.

Following an internal investigation, the force has acknowledged keeping protesters in an area that Ms Wood said was ringed by a steel barrier at one end with police officers at the other.

“Kettling” is the name given to the police tactic of containing crowds in a limited area, notoriously used by the Metropolitan Police to contain demonstrators for a long period without access to food, water or toilet facilities during the G20 protests in London last year.

South Wales Police said it wrongly denied using the tactic following Ms Wood’s criticism of their handling of the opposing June 5 demonstrations near City Hall because the police commander had not been informed that a supervising officer at the scene detained protesters for operational reasons.

In a letter confirming Ms Wood’s complaint was upheld, Detective Chief Inspector Gary Osborne, of the professional standards department, said the event commander had not received a message due to “fast moving events that were ongoing”.

Ms Wood, AM for South Wales Central, who was part of the Unite Against Fascism protest, said: “While I accept their reasons for issuing a denial to the media, I find it surprising that a decision to contain a large number of people for more than an hour was not conveyed to the senior officer in charge of policing operations on the day.”

She claimed the containment of those opposing “the divisive and hate-filled politics of the English Defence League” was unnecessary.

“I intend to write again to the social justice minister, Carl Sargeant, to ask his views on the matter in light of this new information,” she added.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Croft said officers had faced a “challenging” situation.

“I agree with Leanne Wood that lessons should, and will, be learned. We have already amended our strategies and tactics to reflect the lessons learned in this case,” he said.

“However, we must not forget that a public order ground commander appears to have made a decision in good faith that was intended to protect protesters and our communities.

“Ms Wood makes reference to protesters being contained for an hour, which is incorrect. The time period was far shorter and the decision was taken in response to officers’ assessment of the threat level at the time. Officers also facilitated the exit of some of the demonstrators.

“Overall the event passed off very peacefully, which cannot be said for other similar demonstrations elsewhere in the UK.”

Assistant Chief Constable Croft added: “The matter reported by Ms Wood is still being investigated thoroughly and that investigation is not complete. However, Ms Wood was recently provided with an update which, disappointingly, has led to this premature press release. I have offered to meet with Ms Wood.”

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