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Thursday, 9 September 2010

‘Neo-Nazi’ Campaign Against President Obama

Is there a connection between the neo-Nazi movement and the more mainstream American right? Incredulous, the press secretary of CIA-toppled Chilean President Salvador Allende complains that the only people that seem concerned about this are in … the CIA. One might also note that Chile was one of the destinations of choice for Nazis that survived World War II.

For Spain’s El Mercurio, former Allende press secretary Frida Modak writes in part:

The campaign in the United States unleashed against President Barack Obama is far from being just part of an electoral contest. It reflects the advance of the neo-Nazi movement, which has always been latent in the country to the North and has acquired new vigor since 2000 – coincidentally the year of George W. Bush’s arrival at the White House.
Racism in the United States surfaced with the colonization of its territory. Its victims were not only Native Americans, but Blacks who were purchased or kidnapped in Africa and taken to the American continent as slaves. The U.S. group most equivalent to what now amounts to Neo-Nazism is the Ku-Klux-Klan.
Bringing this precursor up to the current era, we find a President Barack Obama besieged by an opposition with all the characteristics of neo-Nazis. With Bush they felt represented, battling Muslims who had been declared the new enemies – added, of course, to the old ones: Blacks, Latinos, Jews, socialists and homosexuals.

There are other business-related groups that contribute to these demonstrations and the creation of entities opposed to policies put forward by Obama. They have succeeded in convincing 25 percent of U.S. people that their president is a Muslim and hence, not a Christian. The White House has had to deny the rumors.

But the campaign continues. The goal is for the U.S. right and ultra-right to win the upcoming legislative elections and reach a majority in the House of Representatives to prevent the passage of laws that affect the interests of large corporations. At the same time, all of this continues to generate movements and state laws that target minorities and migrants.

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