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Friday, 27 August 2010

Home of Former White Supremacist Leader Raided (USA)

The one-time leader of the racist Aryan Nations organization is in custody after authorities raided his Grain Valley home on Thursday.

Charles Juba was taken into custody by police and his home searched by Grain Valley Police and Jackson County Sheriff's deputies. Police say that Juba was taken into custody on a traffic violation, but would not give any further details of the raid or the search warrant, which has been sealed by a judge.

Neighbor Christina Smith says that she was in her front yard when authorities arrived to raid Juba's home.

"I walked outside, police had drawn guns, and he's like, get inside," said Smith. "So we run in the house, and we hear a bang, and that's when the door was broken down."

Juba was not a home at the time of the raid, but among the items gathered into evidence were a white robe. Juba was later taken into custody after being pulled over by police along 40 Highway.

Earlier this year, Juba made headlines after he tried to open an under-21 club in Odessa called The Black Flag Club. The club was eventually rejected by city officials after residents raised concern that the club would be a front for white supremacist activity.

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