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Friday, 27 August 2010

City to close racist discos (Denmark)

Council to stop minorities being randomly turned away at city nightclubs

Reports of minorities being refused admittance to the city’s discotheques are being taken seriously by Copenhagen’s city council, which is ready to pass a special ordinance aimed at shutting down the discriminatory clubs, reports Politiken newspaper.

Although many turned away do not file official complaints against the clubs, social authorities have cited the problem as being widespread.

Politiken recently sent out their own group of non-ethnic Danes to six city nightclubs. The group was refused entry into five of them. Also, a Catinét survey taken in 2008 showed that 52 percent of minorities claimed to have been refused entry to a discotheque, while only 17 percent of white Danes had experienced the same treatment.

But now the Social Democrats have put forward a proposal to crack down on the guilty clubs, and the move reportedly has a majority of the city council backing it.

‘Politiken’s test confirms that we need to focus more closely on the issue and on the means to deal with it,’ said Pia Allerslev, head of the city’s culture and leisure department.

‘The situation is the same as if I weren’t allowed entry by a minority bodybuilder working the club door,’ she said. ‘We can’t tolerate that and obviously have to address the matter politically.’