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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hitler images posted on Facebook were offensive and caused distress (UK)

A 26-year-old man posted pictures of Adolf Hitler on Facebook in revenge for being dumped by his girlfriend for an Asian man.

Zack Timms posted messages on the social networking site amounting to threats of violence.

He wrote: “Can’t wait to have it out with Paki man – see you soon, safe.

Then: “Can’t wait to see my Bradford man defo going to be a knockout for Ronkswood lad.”

He also changed his profile picture to Hitler giving the Nazi salute.

Timms said he had posted the messages after he was threatened in the street by the partner of his ex-girlfriend. Timms of Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, was arrested after the posts made on Tuesday, June 15, came to the attention of the woman’s sister. He deleted the messages soon after posting them.
But a visit to his Facebook page on the day of his court appearence showed that his profile picture displayed a stylised knight with a Nazi swastika and his political views were listed as “anti-Muslims”.

There were also pictures of the neo-Nazi group Combat 18’s logo and an image showing a man with his fist in the air and the words “white power”.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said: “His ex-girlfriend’s sister told her Timms had updated his Facebook page.

“She had been in a relationship with Timms for two weeks but that ended when she got back with her former partner.”
Timms was detained initially for harassment but was charged with making offensive communications.

He admitted the charge at Worcester Magistrates Court. During a police interview Timms told officers he had been threatened in the street by three Asian men and accused his ex-girlfriend’s partner of being one of the group.

He told officers he was “angered” by the incident and posted the messages in order “to wind him up”.

Barry Newton said his client had taken the break-up “badly” and had made a “stupid” mistake posting the messages.

Roger Warrington, the chairman of the magistrates, described Timms’ actions as “offensive” and said they “caused distress”.

He was ordered to pay £75 compensation and £85 costs.

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