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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Boasting far right BNP chief says centre is in profit (UK)

BNP chief Nick Griffin is boasting that its call centre in Belfast has made a profit of nearly a quarter of a  million pounds.

Griffin revealed details of the party’s funds in an email sent to the media this week charting his party’s success.

And he says it’s all down to the success of the east Belfast-based call centre which is run by his sidekick Jim Dowson and where Griffin’s daughter Jennifer also works.

“The Belfast call centre is very popular with many ordinary people (especially the elderly or those living a long way from an active branch) who find it helps them keep in touch with the party,” says Griffin.

“The friendly personal touch was particularly noted during last winter’s bitter cold, when our call centre staff telephoned every single pensioner member to ask if they were alright or if they needed any help from a local party official.

“What is less well known is just how much ‘Belfast’ contributes financially to the well being of the British National Party.

“With BNP’s 2009 accounts now effectively complete we can reveal exclusively that the call centre has brought into the party an amazing £359,000 in first 15 months of operation.

“With big peaks during the European and General Elections, the average monthly income has been £26,330 at an average monthly running cost (including all set up costs, wages, line rentals, etc) of £8,000.

“The Belfast call centre has already made the BNP a direct profit of £223,000.”

And he praises his Belfast boss Jim Dowson who told porkies to the Press Complaints Commission that he was not a member of the BNP even though we had footage of him delivering a right wing speech to a BNP gathering two months ago.

“So well done to Jim Dowson for guiding us through the immensely complicated task of sourcing the right technology and setting up the whole operation, and to all the staff who have worked so hard to make the call centre such a success,” he says.

Griffin’s praise for the call centre is in stark contrast to May when the Belfast staff were blamed for a “cock up” at the General Election where the party fielded 339 candidates

They were accused of printing millions of leaflets which had an old text number printed on it.

The Sunday World was first to reveal that the BNP had secretly set up a call centre in Dundonald, east Belfast.

Jim Dowson denied any involvement even though we had clear evidence and sent a letter to the PCC press watchdog.

“They allege that I am a BNP life member when I have never been a member of the party ever in my life!” he wrote.

However, the Sunday World was sent a video by Searchlight magazine showing Jim praising the racist party and urging people to join up. And he’s even captioned ‘North West Fundraiser’.

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