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Thursday, 6 May 2010


The Disciplinary Committee of the Belarusian Football Federation (BFF) has postponed its decision until May 6 on penalties against FC Dynama Minsk over the display of a large neo-Nazi banner by fans during a recent home game, BelaPAN reports. At a May 3 meeting, the Disciplinary Committee decided to "request additional information," said the BFF press office. Standing among Dynama Minsk fans, a group of more than a dozen men held the banner for much of the club’s April 28 game against Vitsyebsk FC at Dynama Stadium in downtown Minsk. The banner bore the image of Rudolf Hess, historically known as “Adolf Hitler’s deputy in the Nazi Party” and widely venerated by neo-Nazis. The banner said, “Your Life For Us. 04.26.1894 – 08.17.1987. This Is An Example Of Faithfulness.” If the incident is found to meet the definition of an administrative offense or a criminal offense, the perpetrators may be barred from the stadium until the end of the season, which has recently begun, and the club may be fined up to 10,000 times the Base Rate, or 350 million rubels ($118,000).