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Thursday, 6 May 2010

D-Day in the UK as Britain again faces the Nazi threat

Decision day once again in the United Kingdoms as the General Election has arrived and you can guarantee that many a goose-stepping BNP supporter will be watching it in anticipation, as this could herald the beginning of the Fourth Reich. (not likely)

But who knows what will be going through their minds, will it be visions of a British SS, or the emptying of whole ethnic communities mirroring the emptying of the ghettos in Der Fatherland.

Or could it be a version of a perfect country that only ever existed in the Ealing Studio movies of the 1930’s and never existed in reality.

Personally I tend to think that most of them have no ability to imagine what it could be like and the ones that do they are going envision it in one colour, White.

So I thought I would post a video to all these people who are going to vote for Herr Griffin and the BNP.