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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) has said there has been a recent increase in anti-Semitism in Ulyanovsk. "One of the recent manifestations of organized fascism in Ulyanovsk was the appearance of the words "Jews Must Die" and swastika in several districts of the city on April 20," the FJCR said in a statement sent to Interfax-Religion on Monday. At a rally devoted to May 1 organized by the Communist Party, "anti-Semitic leaflets were openly distributed and unknown individuals raided the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community Center building on May 9," the document says. On May 10, the Jewish Community Center was attacked again by a group of people, who threw stones at its windows, the FJCR said in its statement. The Anti-Extremism Center of the Ulyanovsk region's Interior Affairs Department is currently investigating these incidents. The statement quotes Valery Rogatsky, deputy head of the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community, as saying that "these sad events are most likely organized, not spontaneous." The FJCR also said anti-Semitic attacks have happened in Ulyanovsk before (specifically, the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community Center and the synagogue were attacked two years ago). Over ten people acting on behalf of the Russian National Union took part in the attack. The attackers painted swastika on the walls of the building, threw Russian National Union newspapers at the synagogue, and shouted threats at Jewish people.