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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

19 alleged Neo Nazis in court in Madrid, Spain

The case against 19 neo-Nazis has got underway in Madrid today, Tuesday. They are members of the group which goes under the English name, ‘Blood and Honour España’ which is based in the Madrid dormitory town of Getafe, and which has branches across the country in Sevilla, Burgos, Jaén and Zaragoza.

The leaders of the group, Roberto L. and Francisco L., face possible five year prison sentences. They set up the group in Getafe in 1999 asserting it was to protect European culture, but in fact it has been clearly identified with Neo-Nazi’s.

It was back in 2005 when the Guardia Civil impounded firearms in the Taj Mahal disco in Talamanca del Jarama in Madrid, where racist groups, including Oi!, were playing live, and inciting xenophobia with their lyrics.
Tuesday’s proceedings came to an end early when key evidence obtained by phone taps could not be heard in court because of a technical problem. The case continues on Wednesday.

The case is expected to continue in Madrid until June 10.

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