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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Pipe bomb attack on travelling community (Ireland)

Four members of the travelling community have been targeted by a pipe bomb attack in Co Tyrone.
The man and three women escaped injury when the device exploded at the back of the house in Coalisland at around 10.30pm on Thursday.
They were treated for shock after the incident at Gortgonis Terrace.
A number of nearby homes were evacuated as Army bomb disposal officers ensured the area was safe.
The rear door and windows of the property were damaged in the blast.
Police are yet to establish a motive.
Assembly member Patsy McGlone condemned those responsible.
"First and foremost, I am very glad that everybody involved escaped injury, although the mental scars of being the victims of such an attack may be harder to judge," said the SDLP MLA.

"I totally condemn this incident. Whatever the reasons behind the attack, people must learn that violence never has, or never will, be the answer. Unfortunately, the incident also impacted on nearby homes and the disruption caused to the people of Gortgonis Terrace, who had to be evacuated on a very cold night, is unjustifiable.

"I urge anybody with information of the incident to forward it directly to the PSNI. It's unacceptable to have people with potentially life-threatening devices at large in the community."

Belfast Telegraph