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Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Nation Union of Journalists create web site to expose the truth about the BNP

I thought I would mention some fantastic news.
The UK’s national union of journalists (NUJ) has created a website as a resources point for journalists with the truth about the BNP and its political tactics in the run up to the general election.

The NUJ said:

Reporting the BNP gives information on what the BNP actually stands for, with detailed facts and arguments to counter the far-right organisations’ unfounded claims.

They go on to state

As journalists we have a responsibility to hold politicians to account.

Our job is to scrutinise people from all parties. Our job is also to tell the truth, which is why we have provided this resource for journalists covering the BNP in the course of their work.

It gives background information on the party, its past, its policies and its personnel; it provides information on how to follow the party’s progress in the European Parliament; it provides resources to help challenge the party’s claims on housing, immigration and race, and it explains why the BNP is not like any other party.

After all, no other party:

• was founded on the basis of a whites-only admission policy
• feels the need to remind members: ‘We are not a racist party’
• denies the Holocaust
• shelters so many convicted criminals in its ranks
• has links with a website that encourages attacks on journalists

The NUJ encourages its members to expose the BNP to public scrutiny and to challenge their claims.

Reporting the BNP