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Monday, 1 August 2011

Utøya and Oslo mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik insisted that the Norwegian Royal Family abdicate and that he be made Minister of Defence.(Norway)

In a 10-hour long police interview on Friday, the 22-year-old also insisted that Jens Stoltenberg and his cabinet resign immediately, claiming he would only co-operate with the investigators if these were met. Apparently, these only lasted for a short while, with Breivik subsequently talking to police.

Amongst his targets were also Royal Castle and the Labour party headquarters. Only logistical difficulties prevented Breivik from attacking these two buildings, NRK reports.

“He has stated that he was interested the second goal, but did not point out any specific locations. Nevertheless there are places that are natural for a terrorist to want to attack”, said police attorney Paal Fredrik Hjort Kraby to NRK.

Mr Kraby also said that Breivik had confessed in earlier police interviews to targeting other important buildings. His manifesto refers to the difficulty of constructing a bomb large enough to damage or destroy his objectives. Although he bought 3,000 kilos of ammonium fertiliser, Breivik only used 1,800 was used to prepare his Oslo bomb and the undetonated explosives on Utøya island.

Brevik is still serving his four-week solitary confinement at Ila prison, near Bærum, with a further four weeks of custody remaining afterwards.

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