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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Police Neo-Nazi Raid Uncovers Explosives (Norway)

 Oslo Police have arrested a former neo-Nazi for possession of illegal weapons following a threat notification. 

SWAT teams from Nordre Buskerud Police District found the explosives, a police uniform, and illegal weapons during yesterday’s raid on a property where the ex neo-Nazi was residing. Officers had been looking for the unnamed man since Tuesday, who was not at home when they struck. “This person is known to police. He is charged with having weapons without a permit, storage of explosives, and threats,” Police Inspector Petter Solberg told VG Nett. In 2001, officers seized a kilo of explosives, two police uniforms and two pistols at his home. The man also has a conviction from the end of the ‘90s after selling automatic weapons on to Right-Extremists.

Vidar Lind Iversen, lawyer for the accused, said, “My client acknowledges possession of two shotguns. Although he had contacts within the Extreme Right environment in the ‘90s, he has no affiliation with the movement today. “He had agreed to meet police at 12.00 today. The police chose to arrest him instead.” The timing of the man’s arrest is not thought to be linked to Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks in any way. “What I did back then is history. I’ve put it behind me. I am currently an ordinary law-abiding man, and have had no dealings with Breivik,” he told the paper when contacted the day after the Utøya shootings.

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