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Friday, 19 August 2011

MP’s call for police probe into far right (UK)

A South Yorkshire MP has written to Home Secretary Teresa May to call for police investigation into extreme right-wing incitements during the riots posted on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Denis MacShane, who represents Rotherham, said BNP MEP Nick Griffin told his supporters the riots were a ‘black/Jewish affair’ and provided details of areas where riots were taking place.

A member of the English Defence League also used Facebook to say ‘these riots look brilliant’.

Mr MacShane added that another EDL supporter used Facebook to ask where he could obtain Semtex.

He said: “At a time when major prison sentences are being imposed on Facebook users who did not generate any response the police should also take action against the extreme right which used the riots to stoke up race hate and create an atmosphere of violence which contributed to the feeling that anything was permitted.

“Other elected people used their tweets to urge calm and restraint but Griffin tweeted with an orgasmic excitement as he watched the break-down in law and order.”

Mr MacShane added: “I do not think that social media should be used to encourage hate and incitement.”

The Star