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Thursday, 4 August 2011

BNP chief’s Hitler salute to Breivik heroine (UK)

Twisted BNP chief Chris Hurst gives a Nazi salute at a fascist gig by the singer who inspired massacre monster Anders Breivik.

Hurst, the BNP's London Regional Secretary, cried "Sieg heil" as pop girl Saga sang the Norwegian fiend's favourite songs at a rally in Hungary.

He also spouted racist bile to an undercover Sun team who infiltrated the hate-filled festival, attended by thousands of neo-Nazis from across Europe.

Hurst said: "It's good to fight back - but not by killing young white people."

The warped 22-year-old reckoned the victims were needed to "breed" to increase the white population.

And blaming immigration for Breivik's shocking slaughter, he added: "Isolated incidents like that are going to happen more and more as the problem gets worse."

Hurst was talking to an undercover Sun team before a concert by far-right Swedish singer Saga, whose horrific racist lyrics inspired Breivik.

During the two-hour gig - billed as a highlight of a fascist rally in Hungary - he repeatedly gave the Nazi stiff-arm salute and shouted, "Sieg heil."

And he sang along with Saga, who urges followers to rise up in the name of Aryan supremacy, as she signed off with a cover of an anthem, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, by neo-Nazi English band Skrewdriver.

It ends: "Oh Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign your children have waited to see. The morning will come when the world is mine. Tomorrow belongs to me."

Saga performed brazenly even though Breivik's 77 victims in a bomb and shooting atrocity are still being buried.

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