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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Details released of Cambridge EDL march and counter march (UK)

Members of the Trade Union Council and Unite Against Fascism will meet at 11am at the Guildhall where they will be escorted by police on a march at 11.45am along Market Street, Sidney Street, St John’s Street, Market Square, Sussex Street, King Street, New Square, Fitzroy Street, Burleigh Street, Norfolk Street, Gwydir Street and Mill Road.

Following the march the TUC and UAF will assemble at Petersfield. The assembly will finish at 3pm.

Members of the EDL will meet at Queen’s Gardens at 1.30pm and march at 2pm along Silver Street, Pembroke Street, Downing Street, Corn Exchange Street, Benet Street, Kings Parade and Silver Street.

Following the procession protestors will assemble at Queen’s Gardens, with the protest expecting to end by 4pm.

Inspector Robin Sissons said: “At this stage we cannot confirm numbers likely to attend either protest but hope to be able to provide some indication as negotiations between the police and EDL continue.

“As and when we have further information we will share this with the public through our various established links with the community.

“As public authorities, the Constabulary and Cambridge City Council have a duty to support and facilitate people’s right to peaceful protest, whilst balancing this with the rights of those who want to go about their business.”

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