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Friday, 15 July 2011

BNP urges nationalist 'fight' on Twitter (UK)

The British National Party has encouraged its members to use social media outlets like Twitter to promote its messages, leading to concern from anti-extremist campaigners.

In a newsletter entitled Adam's Operation Fightback, the BNP said supporters should not be afraid to use hashtags like #nationalist and #BNP when talking about news issues, and that they should "jump on trending topics and turn them into a nationalist discussion".

The party urged followers to get their friends "involved in the fight for our people" by sharing links to articles and campaigns, and asking others to "take action and retweet".

The newsletter said Twitter could be used every day to keep people "updated on the latest campaign to win our country back".

And on Facebook it recommended that members should post a pro-nationalist quote to inspire friends to take action.

Reacting, a spokesman for anti-extremist campaign group Searchlight told Publicservice.co.uk that the BNP and extremist groups had used social media for sometime, something which did raise concerns.

But he added that social media was a valuable intelligence tool for monitoring political extremism, and that comments on sites like Twitter could "help to highlight the true face of the BNP".

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