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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Seven anti-facists face jail for an attack on two 'Nazis' (UK)

Seven anti-fascist protesters are facing jail today for plotting to ambush two men making their way to a 'neo-Nazi' event.

The masked and hooded demonstrators lined a railway platform waiting for their targets to get off a train, and attacked on hearing the command: "Kill the Nazis", the court heard.

Patrick O'Donovan was punched and kicked to the ground and his companion Michael Heihl was chased onto the tracks at Welling station, Kent, the jury was told.

Ringleader Andrew Baker, 40, Ravinder Gill, 39, Sean Cregan, 44, Philip de Sousa, 37, Austen Jackson, 40, Thomas Blak, 34, and Jonathan Wood, 22, were convicted of conspiring to commit violent disorder.

Four others were cleared after a trial at Blackfriars Crown court. The seven found guilty will be sentenced in August and face a maximum sentence of five years.

Mr O'Donovan and Mr Heihl were set upon as they made their way to a nearby pub in March 2009 which was holding a rock concert organised by the reight wing extremists Blood and Honour.

The defendants had earlier joined up to 35,000 demonstrators on a Put People First march through central London as part of the G20 protests.

They met at London Bridge station before travelling by train to their intended target.

During the trial, Mark Trafford, prosecuting, said: "Whatever these people's actual views about life, politics or anything else, whatever groups they may or may not be members of, they didn't deserve to be attacked in this way. The attack was vicious."

Police later used mobile phone records and CCTV footage to link the attackers to the scene.
Baker, of Basildon, Blak, of Hackney, Wood, of Leeds, Jackson, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, Gill, of Bedford, Cregan, of Streatham, and de Sousa, of Brighton, were found guilty of conspiring to commit violent disorder.

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