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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Racist put ham into Muslims’ shoes (UK)

A racist stuffed HAM into Muslims' shoes left outside a mosque as they prayed barefoot inside.

Drunken Jamie Knowlson, 30, also draped slices of the pig meat - which Muslims are barred from eating on religious grounds - on railings around the building.

As he left, the lout shouted "the next visit will be harder" and "bad meat", a court heard.

Knowlson targeted the Al-Baseera mosque in St Judes, Bristol, which around 2,000 Somali Muslims use each week.

When arrested nearby, he told police his sacrilegious attack was a drunken joke. Knowlson later admitted he knew his mindless stunt would cause offence and returned to apologise.

He faced up to two years' jail, but was given a suspended six-month prison sentence because he had said sorry.

Knowlson pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment.

Judge Carol Hagen told him: "It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident."

Knowlson, of Kingswood, Bristol, was also sentenced to 150 hours' unpaid work. A second man faces trial.

After the Bristol Crown Court case, Mubarak Mohamud, imam at the Al-Baseera mosque, said: "Our initial reaction was shock and bewilderment. But we teach tolerance."

The Sun