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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This past Saturday about 11 neo-Nazis staged a provocation of the residents of Krupka, marching through the town dressed in black, carrying flaming torches and wearing masks. The event was organized by the so-called "Order of the Cogwheel" (Øád ozubeného kola), which is associated with the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dìlnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS). The marchers convened at 21:30 CET by a local memorial to the WWII-era victims of a death march which Nazi prisoners of war were forced to undergo in 1945. "A large number of police officers are here. The neo-Nazis are already marching through the town," a correspondent for news server Romea.cz reported from the scene at about 22:30 CET on Saturday. "The neo-Nazis are wearing white masks. They are evidently members of the Workers' Youth (Dìlnická mládeže - DM). I saw what looked like Lucie Šlégrová's dog with them," the correspondent said. Lucie Šlégrová is Vice-Chair of the DM, which is connected to the DSSS.

The group marched through the town center past the town hall and then down the hill to the lower housing estate, where they disappeared into one of the buildings after 23:00 CET. Members of the Order did not enter the upper housing estate where local Romani people had gathered. "We monitored the march had a sufficient number of police officers on hand for any necessary interventions," police spokesperson Jana Matonohová said. The Order of the Cogwheel is linked to the DSSS, which organized a march in Krupka this past April.