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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still Waiting..... By Nick Lowles (UK)

Trent: Waving a new tricolour?
Four days after the BNP threatened to expel anyone caught out acting like a Nazi we’re still to hear of any expulsions, only more party resignations.

It would appear that the youth wing has now left the party with its leader Kieren Trent and his new girl friend purged by a series of angry and threatening party loyalists over their relationship, the current plight of her former lover and an apparent switch of allegiance to Irish republicanism from Ulster loyalism by the pair. My sources tell me that as well as making Facebook declarations of their new allegiances, some former “BNP Crusaders” went as far as to sneak into a commemoration for the 1916 Easter Uprising over the long weekend!

Staying with the Irish theme, the BNP’s organiser for Northern Ireland, the ‘Comical Ali’ of racial purity Steven Moore, managed to make a brief appearance over the weekend, watching the tanned Nick Griffin tie a few old posters around some lamp posts. In typical BNP fashion this was over a month later than any other party and, of course, in considerably less numbers than the other parties. If anything it was just a photo opportunity to prove to the world that Nick Griffin tanned very nicely in Cyprus and also to get Moore to stop hiding after the embarrassment of his racist and sectarian Facebook comments and the delightful truth as to who paid for his wedding.

Next up, Griffin was in Wales with a motley crew of BNP thugs tweeting away about Searchlight moles trying to ruin his party and its campaign (guilty as charged). But it wasn’t long until he returned to his favourite theme; there then came an appeal for funds to pay for petrol for the party’s “Truth Truck”, which in reality is better described as a “Lie Lorry”. Perhaps if Griffin had given the money that it cost to fly both him and his security over to Belfast to the petrol pump attendant instead, none of this would have been necessary. Still, neither common sense nor decency has ever stood in the way of a good old fashioned BNP begging letter/text/phone call/tweet etc, etc.

What did surprise about Griifin’s visit to Belfast was the fact that the BNP had refused to attend an employment tribunal in the city only a few days earlier because they were allegedly concerned for their safety...

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