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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal wedding: Police probe racist attack at Middletons' local pub party (UK)

A party to celebrate the royal ­wedding at the Middletons’ local pub ended in a punch-up when a drunken gatecrasher attacked three guests.

Landlord of the Old Boot Inn John Hayley, 55, held the £15-a-head bash for 350 regulars after returning from Westminster Abbey, where he had been a wedding guest.

But a fight broke out after a thug is said to have called an Asian ­woman a “f***ing P***” when she sat in someone else’s seat.

The attacker then grabbed her and threw her to the floor before ­attacking her sister-in-law and a male pal outside. The Asian ­woman was left with a cut face and black eye. The thug fled before police arrived.

The pub, in Bucklebury, Berks, is a regular haunt of Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, who have lived nearby for the past 10 years. Kate and Wills have also popped in.

Charlie Hewitt, 47, whose girlfriend Liza Simpson, 39, was attacked by the thug, said: “They were having a delightful day and ­really enjoying the party. When they got to the Boot it all got a bit unsavoury and some not nice things were said. It really upset her, though, and it’s a real shame to end such a lovely day like that.”

A police spokesman said they were investigating.

Mr Hayley organised the party months ago and he had employed bouncers to stop trouble.

Speaking outside the Abbey after the wedding, he said: “I was sat right at the front. Kate walked so close, I could have touched her dress.”

Sunday Mirror