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Monday, 2 May 2011

Revealed: Vile hate-filled backgrounds of BNP candidates standing for election to Holyrood (UK)

Two BNP brothers standing for Holyrood are today exposed as vile hate-mongers.

Adam and Mark Walker are disgraced former teachers whose shameful conduct cost them their careers.

The Record can reveal BNP third in command, national organiser Adam, has been arrested twice in the last fortnight.

The bigot has referred to immigrants as "filth" and "savage animals".

Mark lost his teaching job after bombarding a 16-year-old girl with inappropriate emails.

The English pair will contest regional lists in Fife and South Scotland on Thursday.

A spokesman for pressure group Spotlight said: "These brothers are among the leading lights of the BNP but they have been sent up to contest an election where they know they have no chance of winning.

"The more you know about them, the more you realise what disarray the BNP are in. They are a bunch of bitter racists."

Adam was quizzed by police over allegations he drove his car at youths before behaving in a threatening manner.

The ex-soldier, from Spennymoor, County Durham, was bailed on April 23 in connection with the incidents, said to have happened as a rightwing group marched.

He was arrested three days earlier at a demo in Wakefield, where he had a heated row with police.

In the past, Walker, 42 - who answers directly to BNP leader Nick Griffin - referred to immigrants as "filth". He posted the comments online while teaching at Houghton Kepier Sports College.

Last year, a General Teaching Council panel cleared him of racial and religious hatred. But Adam had resigned in 2007 shortly after the probe into his conduct.

Brother Mark, 40, lost his job amid a torrent of claims against him.

An employment judge described his behaviour as "scandalous" after hearing about the seedy emails to an ex-pupil and how he watched porn on his laptop at work.

No illegal content was found on the laptop but Walker was slammed for his conduct towards the girl in 2007.

He was sacked for his absenteeism after claiming stress as a result of the action against him.

He lost his appeal against the sacking from Sunnydale Community College, in County Durham.

A hearing ruled that Walker's illness was triggered by his own actions.

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