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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Racist Bulger fiend backs BNP (UK)

James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables is a racist who supports the BNP.

The paedophile has sickened staff at the high-security prison where he is being held with his vile outbursts.

And in a bizarre twist he has told workers he is following this week’s AV referendum closely as he thinks a “Yes” vote would be the boost the right-wing party needs.

Venables, 28, who killed James, two, when he was ten, is back behind bars after being caught with child porn snaps.

The Daily Star Sunday is banned from revealing the jail he is being held in or the new identity he has been living under since he was released from his murder sentence in 2001.

But a prison source said Venables’ views have been raising eyebrows.

The insider said: “Some of what he comes out with is bang out of order but we just have to nod along.

“When he said he backed the BNP it was no real surprise. His views have always been extreme.

“People have been thinking back to some of what he’s said down the months and it all adds up.

“Last year he was watching Big Brother and he said he fancied Rachel Ifon, the black Scouse contestant.

“But he was quick to point out that although he thought she was sexy he would never go out with her because, in his words, he’d ‘never shag a black bird’.

“He’s also spoken out against immigration. He reckons all the eastern European builders coming over here have taken jobs off Brit workers and he says the mainstream parties haven’t done enough to stop them.

“But no one thought he was especially political so it was a surprise when he said he’d been following the AV debate.

He said he would have voted Yes to give the BNP a better chance.”

Prisoners don’t get a say in Thursday’s vote but the BNP are actually urging their followers to vote “No”.

The country is going to the polls to decide whether to change our electoral process to the Alternative Vote system.

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