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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Finnish Nazi Party Fails in Registration Attempt

The Finnish National Socialist Workers’ Party, otherwise known as Finland’s Nazi party, has failed to complete the registration process for associations. Finland’s National Board of Patents and Registration (PRH) stopped the application process after asking for revisions and additional information.

The PRH set a May 16 deadline for the party to make the changes required. Among other things, the party was asked to clarify their ideological purpose. The PRH asked for the party to provide greater precision in its rules, and to clarify what exactly national socialism means, according to regional newspaper Savon Sanomat.

The PRH has not made a decision on whether or not the party can register as an association, as the deadline lapsed. The party can not apply to the Interior Ministry to join the register of the official political parties unless it successfully becomes an association. The party can submit another application.