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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Anti-racism social project for Euro 2012 kicks of in Ukraine

National social project "Come Together " organized for Euro 2012 Soccer Championship launched on Monday in Kiev, the information centre "Ukraine 2012" announced on its website.

The main aims of the project are attracting youth to healthy life style and combating discrimination in all its forms. Organizers plan to show the society the damage which racism can cause.

In this campaign the volunteers will conduct ideological work against racism and xenophobia, said Sergey Gluschenko, a deputy chairman of Ukrainian Government Service of Youth and Sports.

"Now we are conducting a wide campaign for Euro 2012. We want to draw the attention of children, youth and all the fans to racism and xenophobia. This phenomenon has no place in society, especially in children's minds," he said at the "Come Together" project opening.

Video reels against discrimination will be shown on the national TV channels in Ukraine. Volunteers conduct educational conferences and seminars on racism. Domestic celebrities will also take part in the campaign, according to the project organizers.

Euro 2012 Soccer Championship will be held in Ukraine and Poland between June 8 and July 1 next year.

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