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Friday, 1 April 2011

Wasted EDL Halifax division hunted by Police for chanting ‘lets all kill a Muslim, ta dah da dah’ on a train to Rochdale demo. (Reposted from the expose Blog, UK)

Admin comment; Re-posted in support of the Expose team. Please visit their blog and support their effort in exposing the EDL and other racists on-line.

Wasted EDL Halifax division hunted by Police for chanting ‘lets all kill a Muslim, ta dah da dah’ on a train to Rochdale demo.

By Darcy Jones

And we know who they are.

As EDL leaders Stephen Lennon and Guramit Singh today began their press ‘hearts and minds’ campaign to ease the fears Blackburn residents hold in the run up to another divisive ‘demo’ this Saturday, their division’s conduct yet AGAIN blows their bullshit out of the window.

In Stephens most recent press release he says “They accuse us of dividing communities. How? By telling the truth?”

I’ll show you how.


The Halifax division aware their shocking conduct has been reported to the police today attempted to remove any evidence, like er, videos uploaded to youtube.

Which video? You mean this one?

Just. Shocking. A carriage full of very drunk, probably high, aggressive EDL supporters singing ‘lets all kill a Muslim’ (1:20) on the way to an English Defence League demonstration. We at expose spend a fair amount of time ripping the shit out of the EDL because in all fairness 80% of the time they are very funny but in this instance, I have two words. Fucking. Animals.

In his press release Stephen asks: “Why do some people still believe that the EDL racist? Because that’s what they really want to believe! They want us to be the bad guys, and for everyone else to believe that too, because perhaps then people won’t realise how clueless groups like Socialist Worker and the UAF really are”….. bullshit. People believe Stephen’s EDL are not only racist but fuelled by religious hatred, violence and possess the social skills of chimpanzees because his own divisions regularly upload the indisputable evidence of such to youtube. Socialist workers party and UAF smear campaign, are you fucking joking Stephen?

So, the police are keen to track down those responsible for what must have been a terrifying train journey for the people Stephens bunch of c**ts claim to defend. God bless FACEBOOK’s tagging function and half wits. A winning combo


Hi Andrew Kelly & Scott Taylor.

Guramit Singh states in his wee BBC blurb today in regard to measures to make this Saturday’s demo peaceful “We don’t expect trouble at all. I understand that our organisation attracts some unsavoury characters from the community and some of them left a racist stigma, but we’re getting away from that”. In which case I will presume the entire Halifax division will not be in attendance this Saturday? Yeah right. Another EDL leader so full of shit I don’t know how he gets his trousers done up. We hope EDL leadership will take this evidence so keenly sought straight to transport police but just in case they ‘forget’ we will just go ahead and do that for them.
And while I’m pulling today’s ‘Stephen Lennon’s jackanory’ effort apart I’ll just draw his attention to a mosque the EDL DID attack.

“One example that comes to mind is when Socialist Worker reported that Bolton Mosque had been attacked on the eve of our demonstration in the city. They made it really clear that we were almost definitely to blame. But, of course, the incident had nothing to do with the EDL - and the police were all too happy to make this clear to the local community”.

The socialist worker may have wrongly reported the EDL attacked a Mosque in Bolton, (I wouldn’t take his word for that mind) but I’m accurately reporting your boys have been charged with screwing around with a gas main to blow up a Mosque in Hanley. And that’s FACT. Suck that up you pathological liar.


Lulz, You know when I’m not fucking around with this lot when I refuse to use Stephen’s shite ‘ode to a psycho football hooligan’ pseudonym, no Tommy Tommy for you. You and yer crew are ass holes.
Darcy Jones.

Reposting of this blog would be particularly appreciated to get the true messgae of the EDL out there x
Many thanks to Thelma Fontaine & Rosie Geefe