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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Threats Of Violence Emanating From Some Right Wing Groups (South Africa)

According to Holborn right wing groupings, including the Geloftevolk Republican under the leadership of Andre Visagie - the former leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging - and the Lion Brigade, have made threats alternatively against the State, the African National Congress, and black people in general.

She said that they appear to endorse revenge attacks by white South Africans against the perpetrators of farm attacks and the like but that there was no data available on how widely spread these sentiments were among whites.

Holborn said : "It is our sense that these racist sentiments represent at most a fringe view. However, if they are not condemned across the political and civil society spectrum, especially by minority groups themselves, then the view may take hold that these sentiments are more widely held than we believe to be the case.

"The risk also exists that the public expression of such views may incite violence."

It was their view that it was important for the police to take these threats very seriously, that they pursue the people making such threats and bring them before the courts.

Holborn lamented that "this is a precedent that has unfortunately not been set in South Africa".

Visagie, former AWB secretary-general, was arrested on Tuesday, for alleged possession of illegal weapons and ammunition, after the police allegedly recovered several home-made rifles, a 9mm pistol and ammunition at his home. He appeared in court and was released on R10,000 bail.

He left the AWB to lead the Geloftevolk Republicans group.

In accordance with a report by Die Burger on Thursday the Geloftevolk Republicans issued a statement : "There were warnings recently by the leader of the Lion Brigade [Leeubrigade] that a second Blood River was on its way and is being ignored by government.

"Therefore the ANC has to take what is coming their way."

According to Sapa neither group were immediately available for comment.

Holborn said that in many respects the views of the Geloftevolk and the Lion Brigade were the opposite side of the "kill the boer coin."

She said : "It is therefore our view that in not condemning the public singing of that song the ANC and its youth league has allowed a dangerous precedent to take root in South Africa.

"This is the precedent that it is acceptable to threaten violence against different racial or ethnic groups based solely on a persons' membership of such a group."

The song was declared as hate speech by the Equality Court.

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