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Friday, 15 April 2011


Italian basketball players and fans have been urged to paint their faces black during the next round of fixtures to show support to a player who was racially abused. The idea was prompted by the case of Abiola Wabara, 30, who was abused and spat at while playing for Bracco Geas SS Giovanni in the A1 women's league quarter-final win over Comense. At the time officials took no action, but a subsequent investigation by the federation, Federbasket, resulted in the call for a day of protest across all Italy's basketball leagues. Among the campaign's slogans, which all begin "I would like black skin", are: "I would like black skin so I can be like her and shout to the world our desire for freedom;" and: "I would like black skin, or red, green, yellow. I would like to have the skin of all colours of the soul." In 2001 the entire Treviso football team painted their faces black during a home match against Genoa after their Nigerian striker Akeem Omolade was abused, prompting a group of supporters to walk out in protest.

The Guardian